About Me

A little about me…


I’m Christa, 27, wife and mommy to 3 awesome kiddos! Shaylie, 8. Grayson, 6. Kinsley, 1. My life revolves around these 3! My oldest,Shaylie, shares my love of crafting and baking which makes her mommy one happy lady!! Grayson is a total boys boy! You can find him outside getting dirty, wrestling with his friends, and usually carrying a football everywhere he goes! Kinsley is our newest member and she is a total mommy’s girl. She’s into anything she can get her hands on and learning new things by watching her siblings!


I love being a mom, baking, crafting, decorating, sewing and couponing. I’m OCD, indecisive, a procrastinator & profectionist…yea that’s a lovely combination when it comes to all the things I love to do but some how all of my quirkiness mixes together and the end product always turns out amazing!

My new love is Pinterest! I think it’s grown into an obsession for finding even more projects to add to my never-ending list of things I want to do!

My hope with this blog is to share how I tackle being a mom to 3 and my growing to-do list while showing you how easy it is to do the same!

So here goes nothing 🙂

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