What We Did Tonight


When we bought our home in 2005, our oldest daughter Shaylie was 18 months old, I decorated our guest bathroom in an Under the Sea theme perfect for a toddler. The tooth brush holder was a cute little crab, the soap dispenser (my favorite) was a friendly octopus and the soap dish was a colorful little fish. I also bought some decals that matched the theme and placed them around the edge of the mirror, hung the shower curtain that had little sharks, fish and turtles on it, and picked up some Finding Nemo decals and placed them on the wall. She loved taking baths in her very colorful themed bathroom!


{Can you spot the little one?? :)}

Fast forward 8 years…the bathroom has NEVER changed! It still looks exactly like it did 8 years ago…kind of. Poor little soap dispenser Mr. Octopus just couldn’t withstand little Grayson. He lost limb after limb until he was noticably deformed, sadly he didn’t make it. And our shower curtain rods that the builder had installed didn’t last many years either, the cute shower curtain came down with it and seeing how the kids mainly took baths there was no rush for me to hang it back up….and it has been tucked away since.



Throughout the years I have wanted to change it so many times but always run into the issue that our kiddos are not all girls or all boys. That means…No Flowers…No Sports….Nothing Girlie….Nothing Too Masculine. From time to time we would check out the latest bathroom sets for kids at Target or Walmart and everything one kiddo liked the other didn’t agree. My daughter and I would ooo and ahh over the latest zebra and hot pink sets and while the boys (Dad included) would be begging for the latest football/sports/Clemson sets. None the less, we’ve always ventured to that section of the store several times a year.


Β Bathroom6


And now we find ourselves finally agreeing on a change!

We were in Target the other night with my mom and she was checking out the shower curtains. {She is currently finishing up a major re-haul to her bathroom and always wants my opinion (which I LOVE) on what will go with her color scheme.} She tends to lean towards allllll beige/cream/brown/tan….you get the picture. I, on the other hand, LOVE color!! So I talked her into getting two that had different shades of blues/grey/tan. Welp. We go for a visit tonight and she wasn’t happy with either (kinda saw that coming lol). Although they looked amazing in her guest bathroom, the toiletry sets she had purchased a while back will not match and since she can’t return them the curtains would have to be returned.

As we were trying the shower curtains out on her bathrooms I really fell in love with one of them. It went so well with her guest bathroom and I really just loved the color scheme. I mentioned to her, while packaging them back up, that I really liked it and she asked if I would like to try it out on the kids bathroom since she wouldn’t be using it anyway….and I accepted!

So off to Target we went to pick up some hooks and a new shower pole that would go well with the potentially new curtain. We found exactly what we were looking for (plus a few clearance finds ahhh) and headed back home to get to work!


The kids were really excited that they were finally going to get something new! I mean Shaylie is 9 and Grayson is 7. I think anything but the Under the Sea theme would be happily accepted πŸ™‚ Plus they knew if we were getting a new curtain ALLL of those decals would have to come down! And the fight was on….who was going to get to pull down the highest ones, who was going to get the biggest ones, who gets to stand on the counter…I mean it’s just a never ending competition in our home lol! But hey I’m sooo not complaining! They wanted to help and I love when they WANT to be involved in projects with me! I know those days are few and far between so I’m going to enjoy them when they come!

After they pulled all the decals off the walls, in a matter of seconds,Β we could totally just focus on if we were going to love the new curtain or not and……We love it! Bonus, it matches our current bath mats/rugs so that’s two less things I will have to purchase for the re-do!



Bathroom9 Bathroom8 Bathroom7

We now have a blank slate to work with and I can’t wait to decorate and paint the bathroom with their help!

I have to admit I am sad to see the theme I chose for that cute little toddler go. My kiddos are growing up on me wayyyy tooo fast! I think tonight, watching them tear down the adorable fishies made me realize just how fast that time does go by. It surely doesn’t feel like it’s been 8 years since we moved in to our home as a family of 3 and quickly filled it with lots of love and kiddos! πŸ™‚

What Did You Do Tonight??


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