Book Bag Hooks – No Hardware Needed


Recently we updated the color scheme in our Kitchen and added Board and Batten to the walls. With the new makeover I’ve had tons of projects going for decorations and trying to get us more organized, like the Chore Chart I made for the kids.

Seeing as how we only have ONE month left until school starts {this summer break has FLOWN by!} I’ve been thinking about back pack storage for the kids. Usually they end up hanging them on our bar stools (or tossing them in the floor) and that just isn’t where I want them to go this year.

I really didn’t want anything I would have to nail or screw into the wall. Thankfully Command makes hooks now that come with command strips. No drilling, no screws, no nails….win!

While in Target the other night I found the command isle and noticed that the hooks now come in all kinds of finishes, not just white. I was so excited about that. I grabbed 3 hooks in a silver finish and headed home to try them out.


It was so easy, seriously like the easiest fix to get those back packs up off the floor and off the bar stools! Now each of the kiddos have their own hooks, their own space for their belongings! Although Ms. K won’t be using her book bag hook for quite some time, I’m sure I’ll find some use for it in the meantime!


What do you think??


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