$10 Twin Sheets Now Kitchen Curtain Panels

Curtain Panels 10

As soon as I started making over the kitchen I knew I needed to start looking for new curtains. What hung above the sliding door previously were two curtains I had picked up at Lowes about ohh ummm 8 years ago!! They were tan with hints of burgundy and green…I loved them at the time because they tied together the kitchen and living room….but out with the old and in with the new! It was past time for them to go!

But I have seriously had the hardest time {like I always do} finding curtain panels that I like and/or are the length I was needing. I found some that I thought were going to work from Target that were 84″ in length. Got them home, hung up, and nope. As soon as I hung the first one up I knew I did not want that length. So the search continued except this time I was going for curtain panels that were 96″ in length. Well a quick search on Target.com and I came across the exact curtains I had wanted and they were available in the size I needed! Yay!….Not. I took a look at the feedback and every single person that purchased the curtains complained that the panels were different lengths when hung up….ahhh…so on with the search I went.

I literally looked at every store I went into and nothing. I even started looking at tablecloths because I knew some of those come in 96″ length but there weren’t any patterns in the colors I could use for the kitchen either…so after looking through what every store around me had to offer I decided that I just wanted plain white panels and I would just figure out from there if I wanted to stencil a pattern on them or not. But the only white panels I could find were sheers or 84″ in length. Blah.

So as I was just about to throw in the towel, my oldest daughter and I were looking for new sheets for my bedroom {in Wally World of all places} and I had an “AHA” moment….decided to check out the length on the plain white sheets and what do you know?!?!  They carry white twin sheets that are 96″ in length!! And for $5 bucks per sheet!!! UMM Score!!! I believe we both did a happy dance!! {She was just excited that I wasn’t going to be draggin’ her around town anymore scouring through curtain panels!}

As soon as I got home I couldn’t wait to find out if these sheets were going to work…tore open one package, held it up to the curtain rod….and….YIPPIE!!!!…..They were plenty long enough!! Finally breathing a sigh of relief, I cooked dinner and got the kiddos ready for bed. Once everyone was tucked in and Miss K was fast asleep I gathered up my supplies and got to work!

Curtain Panels 1

Supplies needed:

Sheets {2 white twin sheets in my case}
Ribbon {I used 1 1/2 in wide white ribbon}
Sewing Machine

This is THE easiest project I think I’ve ever done…seriously it’s so simple and doesn’t require a lot of time at all! Even if you don’t have a sewing machine you could easily hot glue or even fabric glue the ribbon to the sheets! I would not recommend either of those for curtains that are going to be in a high traffic area though. My sliding door gets used multiple times a day with kiddos running in and out all day long in the summer so I needed the my ribbon tabs to stay put!

First you should figure out the placement of your tabs. My tabs were placed 5 1/2 inches apart so I ended up needing 13 ribbon tabs for each sheet.

Curtain Panels 2

Once you figure out how many you need you’ll want to cut your ribbon to the desired length for your tabs. Tab length is up to you…just make sure your curtain rod will be able to fit through. I believe mine were 4 1/2 inches long.

Curtain Panels 3

After all of your ribbon tabs are cut you will need to take your lighter and singe the ends of the ribbon to seal them from fraying. Easy peasy!

Curtain Panels 4

Curtain Panels 5

Curtain Panels 6

Once they are all ready to go. Start pinning them in place on your sheet. As soon as you are finished take the sheet to your sewing machine, sew each tab on, take out all of those pins and go hang up your new curtain panels!! Simple as that!

Curtain Panels 8

I love how easy it was to make these curtains with just a little effort and sewing! I plan on stenciling these panels…I still have to find just the right stencil and paint color…but do know as soon as I do I will be sharing that with you too!!

Since I’ve had these panels hung for a little over a week now, I came to the conclusion that I am going to hem them to where they just touch the floor instead of bunch at the floor. It’s another easy peasy fix! With how much movement my curtains get on the daily the length they are now they get stepped on and stuck in the door. I can’t take feet prints on the bottom of the curtains…I think that’s where I drew the line and knew I would be hemming them as soon as I could!

Here’s how I hemmed the panels:

I just sat in the floor and flipped the bottom of the curtain panels up and pinned making sure along the entire panel that it would just touch the floor.

Curtain Panels 7

Take your panels off the curtain rod and over to your sewing machine. Sew in place and there you go! Hemmed and ready to hang!

Curtain Panels 9

Hopefully it will not take me long to decide on the pattern I would like to stencil on these curtains!

What do you think? Is this something you think you could tackle?

In the next few weeks I am going to be adding to the kitchen decor with a few projects! Make sure you check back often for all the new things I’m going to be working on! I can’t wait until it all comes together!


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