Kitchen Walls Makeover – Part 3

Kitchen Walls are finally complete!! Here is the 3rd and final part to this series! I hope you guys are as excited about the reveal and I am! So here it goes! πŸ™‚

Kitchen After Collage

As I left off in Part 2 of the Kitchen Walls Makeover it is time to get the primer and paint on these boards! And it’s really as simple as that! I taped off the floor and applied 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of Valspar Satin White. I applied the paint with a small roller for the boards and used a paint brush to get the sides and any hard to reach places. My advice is where you need to use a brush do that part first and then go over everything with the roller. I even gave the wall in between the slats an extra coat while I was at it!

Kitchen Before 22 Kitchen Before 23

We then needed the wood for the “shelf” top. So off to Lowes we went again. At first I was going to just use some MDF for this as well but I ended up finding some pine that was already 2 x 1 x 8. It was pretty cheap, I believe $3 and some change for each piece, and I believe we purchased 5 pieces.

Kitchen Before 24

It was very easy to put these up, just some liquid nails and a few actual nails and they were ready for paint!

Kitchen Before 25

After painting everything I went back (after everything was completely dry) and taped off the shelf for touch ups! I had to touch up the blue along the top where the hubs scuffed the wall with the hammer when he was nailing the shelf piece on. And along the way I found some nail holes in the wall that I had missed when I painted the first time!

Kitchen Before 26

Say hello to Miss K! It was a duck and dodge to get these pictures with her running around that day, litterally running lol hence the blurry little one! πŸ™‚

Kitchen Before 27

After touching everything up one final time I was so eager to take all the tape down and see the final product of our hard work! I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything has come together! I am absolutely over the moon about my kitchen now!

Kitchen After 2 Kitchen After 3

The walls look so grey in these pictures but I promise it’s blue!

Kitchen After 4 Kitchen After 5 Kitchen After 6

The only thing we have left to do is add shoe molding. I want to wait until I redo the living room before I add it so that on the wall that the kitchen and living room share we will be able to match them better. (and no I only have 1 little one…so why 2 highchairs?? welp I can’t decide which I like best to use for Miss K so I just keep them both lol)

Kitchen After 7

Notice my Dahlia?? I love it in the kitchen!! If you want to make one here is the tutorial for how to DIY!

I can’t wait to make some more decorations to go on the walls! And believe me I have a whole list to tackle!

Kitchen After 8

Recovering these awful maroon bar chair cushions is on the top of the list!! Hopefully they won’t be an ear sore for too much longer!!

Kitchen After 9

I couldn’t be happier with the way this project turned out! I love being in the kitchen now. It’s my favorite room in the house at the moment! I can’t wait to get it decorated the way I want!

Oh have you noticed we have no kitchen table?? Yea that is a project I’ve been working on also! Thought I would have it completed by now but it’s going to take a few extra steps to get it to where I want it and then trust you will see it on this blog shortly! πŸ™‚

Before and After

So if you have ideas on how you want to transform your kitchen just jump in head first and do it! It’s the best decision I could have made!

What do you think?

Keep a look out in the next few days for some projects I’ve been working on for the kitchen!


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