Kitchen Walls Makeover – Part 2

Adding “board and batten”

Kitchen After Collage

Kitchen Before Part 2

Yay for Part 2 of a 3 Part series on the Kitchen Walls Makeover!! This is the fun stuff…well I think anyway! So here we go!

After painting the kitchen walls Valspar Satin Rising Tide (4008-3A) for the top and Valspar Satin White for the bottom part it was time to go shopping for the wood for our board and batten look I was going for.

I started out by going to Lowes and finding a sheet of MDF that was 96 x 48 x .5 and I believe it was around $24 and some change for one sheet.  I took the measurement home and figured out how many sheets of this we would need and what I would need cut out of each sheet. (I would suggest doing this) We  ended up needing 2.

Here is how my measurements looked for our walls:

I wanted our board and batten to reach 54″ (without the top “shelf)
So our baseboards were 6″ tall
The slats are 3×43
The top boards are 5″ tall
And we added (you will see in part 3) 2×1 boards of pine for our top “shelf”
Our slats are 14″ apart from each other, we took a piece of scrap and cut it to 14 with our hand saw and that is what I used to space our slats to make sure each of them were even.

We ended up shopping for our wood on Mother’s Day and thankfully there was no line to wait to have someone cut these for us! (Yes Lowes will cut your boards for you!) And the Lowes employee that was working the saw that day was very kind and patient with me while I had him cut the 2 large sheets of MDF into hundreds (just kidding) of pieces! By the time he was finished cutting for us his shift was over and he was rushing for the door….lol!

While we were there I picked up:
Paintable Caulk in white
Liquid Nail
Sanding Block
Nail Sinker (don’t think that’s the real name for it lol but it’s a little silver tool you use to sink the nail heads)

If you are going to tackle this project yourself here are some other things you will need to have on hand:

Caulking gun
Spackling Trowel

After picking up our supplies we loaded up the trailer (see above picture 🙂 ) and headed home to put the hubby to work 😉

Kitchen Before 8

We were running like a well oiled machine. I was liquid nailing and passing them on to him and he was nailing the boards to the wall. (Ignore the dip bottle…ugh)

Kitchen Before 9

This part was the easiest!!

Kitchen Before 10

After all the baseboards were up it was time for the slats!

Kitchen Before 11

I had read in a tutorial that it would have been easier to prime the boards first before putting them up….well I started doing just that. As you can see above….but in my opinion this is not the case. I found it much more time consuming and stopped. After having completed this project looking back I don’t think it would have made any difference in time, I still would have had to prime over the spackling and caulk.

I spaced our slats 14″ apart by taking a piece of scrap wood and cutting it to 14″ then placing it in between each of the slats and then nailing them to the wall. We were very lucky and only had to cut one slat to make it fit around one of our outlets. We the hubs used a hand saw to cut out for the outlet….would have been ten times easier if we had a table saw! (it’s on my wish list lol)

Kitchen Before 12 Kitchen Before 13

We didn’t have the hand saw at the time so we just went about nailing up the boards and slats around the one we needed to cut.

Kitchen Before 14

After nailing everything in place (if you don’t use a nail gun) you need to sink all of your nails. Once you have finished doing that, it’s time to spackle all of those nail holes! And while your spackling that you should go ahead and spackle where the slats meet the baseboard and the top board (look further down in the pictures to see a close up of the spackling where the slats meet the boards). For the nail holes I just used my finger to put the spackling on. For where the slats meet the boards I used a spackling trowel.

Kitchen Before 15 Kitchen Before 16 Kitchen Before 17 Kitchen Before 18

Once you have finished all the spackling it’s time to take your sanding block and sand all of those places until it is smooth. The spackling that we purchased is pink when applied and turns white when it has completely dried! Very very helpful!

This will create a lovely mess! And before you move on to painting it all has to be cleaned up! I just took a wet washcloth and wiped everything down. Rinsed it a few times and wiped down again.

Kitchen Before 19

Now it’s time for caulking. I am now a pro at caulking (I’ve even been hunting down things around the house that I’ve noticed need some fresh caulking lol)! I just used my finger to smooth out the caulking, and LOTS of wet paper towels!! You should just practice on one area first until you get the hang of it. Thankfully caulking will wipe right off with a wet paper towel as long as it hasn’t dried so it’s very forgiving if you mess up! I caulked all the areas that touched the wall and I caulked all the boards that met in a corner.

Kitchen Before 20

Close up of the nail holes after spackling. I would suggest that you sand down to where the only white you see is the nail hole itself. I didn’t do this in a some spots and after painting I can see a slight rise where I didn’t sand enough.

Kitchen Before 21

I was soooo happy when I finished this part! It means painting!!! It was all coming together so well!! I couldn’t wait to get primer on these boards and finally see what it would all look like white!

What do you think so far??

Keep checking back in the next few days for the 3rd and final part in our 3 part series of Kitchen Walls Makeover to see how this project turned out!!



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