Kitchen Walls Makeover – Part 1

Kitchen Walls Makeover – Part 1

Kitchen Before 3Kitchen After CollageIt’s finally time to reveal what I have been working on for the last few months!!

Yes I did just totally say MONTHS!!! In my perfect world this would have only taken a few weeks/weekends…but with Miss K running around during the day and running my mom’s business while she was on vacation….my kitchen took a back seat for a little while. I only worked on it on the weekends, at night and…well here we are finally finished with the walls in the kitchen!!

Here’s a little back story on our home.

When we first bought our home in 2005, at the very young age of 19, neither of us new a thing about being a home owner. We just new we had bought a house and we were happy to be on our own! The walls were all white…blah. So I started painting everything! I have never been great at picking out paint colors. Every paint color has always turned out to be a different color on my walls than I pictured. The kitchen was no exception. I didn’t mind the green though, I actually liked it..for a while. Though the years I pondered over what to paint it next and never really came up with anything that I thought I could stick with. Then painting and decorating my kiddo’s rooms became a larger priority over the kitchen. When I was finally satisfied with their rooms I started thinking about the kitchen again and here we are now!

I’m an avid user of Pinterest and found a few ideas that I wanted to do in the kitchen!

I knew I wanted Board and Batten on the walls as soon as I saw this tutorial!

Just A Girl

(click on the picture to be taken to Just A Girl Blog for her tutorial on Board and Batten)


Love this shade blue…knew that I wanted something similar in the kitchen!

As soon as I had my ideas, it was off to Lowes to get my paint first! The paint I chose was Valspar Satin Rising Tide (4008-3A) and it now comes with paint & primer in one…awesome….saved me a step!

Kitchen Before 2

Kitchen Before 1

As soon as I got home and put Miss K down for the night I was painting the walls in no time (and cleaning up all the clutter!).

I love painting and the fact that it makes such a change in a short amount of time. I also had to paint all of our trim. From having kids and the usual wear and tear on our home in the last 8 1/2 years it was time for a new coat of paint on everything in site! (You are going to notice that the doors need to be painted also….but that is a whole other project for another time…still debating on what color I want them!)

Kitchen Before 5

Kitchen Before 6

And there you have it. Part 1 of the Kitchen Wall Makeover!

I absolutely LOVE the change that just the paint made in the kitchen! It’s much brighter, lighter, and feels bigger! Now if I could just talk the hubs into letting me paint the cabinets I will be on cloud 9!

What do you think so far?

Check back in a few days for Part 2 of the Kitchen Wall Makeover….Adding the “board and batten”!!



4 thoughts on “Kitchen Walls Makeover – Part 1

  1. What a great start for a beautiful kitchen! I did a board and batten bedroom on a post, it’s a little simpler in style than your inspiration picture. It really changes up a room without too much expense. Looking forward to seeing part 2.

    • Thank you! I took a look at your post, I really love what you did to that room! I love that it is a more simple style of board and batten but yet still such a big difference it made in your room! I scanned over some of your more recent posts and really love your style! I will be following your blog as well to see what you post next! Thanks again!

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