Highchair Face Lift

So to keep with the “Miss K turning ONE” theme – because that’s all I can think about, how my sweet sweet baby is already ONE! – I’m going to share with you how easy is was to give this “Ol’ Lady” a beautiful Face Lift!


A little back story about this Gal, well she’s older than I am…by 3 months, my mom used this chair for my sisters and I, I used this chair for my littles!

When it came time to start thinking about how I wanted to do Miss K’s cake smash pictures I just knew I wanted to use it! I had used this highchair for both of my 2 older kiddos and I didn’t want Miss K left out!


I do have to admit, I thought long and hard about whether or not I should paint over this chair. Should I, should I not. In the end I decided to paint her! Give her a face lift! She can use a makeover! BEST choice EVER!!!


Time to pick my colors and get to painting!
What you say?! Aren’t you skipping a step??
If your anything like me, the first thought that comes to mind when you think about painting any type of wood furniture is SANDING! I’ll have you know I didn’t sand a thing!
Spray Paint Primer! That stuff is amazing! Saves so much time and makes things ten times easier! Besides who wants to sand?! Not this chick!

Here are the steps I followed

  • Scrubbed down the Highchair with soap and water to get her all cleaned up (make sure your furniture piece is completely dry)


  • Took Spray Primer and covered the whole thing (used 2 cans Valspar Primer in White)
  • Let dry for one hour


  • Then took my choice of Colored Spray Paint, in Glaze, and applied 2 coats (used 2 cans Valspar Spray Paint in Glaze)
  • Let each coat dry for one hour
  • Give her a good look over to check for any missed spots and there you have it! Simple, Easy Peasy!


Here are a few Cake Smash pictures from Miss K’s Birthday Session! I Love Love Love how they turned out!!

Who’s Bringing Me The Cake??











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